The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Mechanical Universe

Movie poster

This classic 1957 film release was NOT written by anyone associated with the production of The Mechanical Universe, although its innovative special effects do strikingly resemble the Manhole Monsters sequence from the Similarity program produced by Project MATHEMATICS!, another Caltech videotape production group.

The rumor that the storyline for The Incredible Shrinking Man was based on a true experience of E.T. Bell during a day fishing trip out of Redondo Beach are entirely untrue. Under the pseudonym John Taine, Bell was a well-received science fiction author and he did spend the summer of 1946 in Redondo Beach re-writing his epic poem The Scarlet Night. But E.T. Bell loved cats and would not have written a storyline as sinister as that in the film. The Writer's Guild officially credits Richard Matheson for the screenplay based upon his own book.